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October 2022

AHRI would like to welcome you to the October newsletter. We hope that you will enjoy this month's opportunities and share our members' news and calls with others. As midterm approaches in the semester, we are taking this time to refocus on our goals and get involved with many opportunities that are highlighted here. 

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Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law: Challenges Ahead 

Publication of the second book in the AHRI Series

Edited by Norman Weiß, Extraordinary Professor, Law Faculty and Permanent Senior Fellow, Human Rights Centre, University of Potsdam and Andreas Zimmermann, Professor of Public, Public International and European Union Law, Professor of European and Public International Business Law, and Director of the Human Rights Centre, University of Potsdam, Germany.

Where contemporary developments have significantly altered the implementation methods of, and relationship between, human rights law and international humanitarian law, this timely book looks at the future challenges of protecting human rights during and after armed conflicts. Leading scholars use critical case studies to shed light on new approaches used by international courts and experts to balance these two bodies of law. 

Divided into four thematic parts, chapters explore the protection of specific groups and actors during conflicts, including organised armed groups, armed non-state actors, and refugees, as well as using divergent methodological approaches to analyse the extra-territorial application of human rights treaties. Shifting to post-conflict, the book further examines the tools and practices involved in building lasting peace and sustainable post-conflict order while avoiding future resurrection of armed conflict. It concludes by considering whether the traditional interpretation of international law is still apt for the twenty-first century.

You can find it, here

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FRA ( European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights ) 

October 2022:

Selected recent publications:

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  • 21 October: The war in Ukraine - Fundamental rights implications within the EU - Bulletin 2

  • 25 October:  Roma Survey 2020

  • October: Children - Guardianship: Train the trainer manual 

  • November: Antisemitism - Update of data available in the EU

  • November: report on Bias in algorithms 

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AHRI Members' events and calls
  • Event: 2022 Annual Conference for the Geneva Human Rights Platform 

  • Event: The Universal Periodic Review and the UN Human Rights System: Raising the Bar on Accountability 

  • Event: The 14th Symposium Human Rights and a Just Society

Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Univeristy of Geneva




2022 Annual Conference for the Geneva Human Rights Platform


18 October, 2022

Digitalization impacts the realization and enjoyment of human rights. It offers new ways of protection and creates new openings for violations. The mere slogan that what applies offline also applies online is surely not sufficient anymore, if it ever has been.

The conference will focus on those questions in two panels, looking at the implications of being ON and OFF the grid. Going beyond other thematic debates on those issues, we will explore in particular what contributions can be expected from the United Nations (UN) Human Rights mechanisms. How can UN treaty bodies (TBs) expand the interpretation of treaties and conventions, drafted decades ago, into the new reality of connectivity? How can the mechanisms of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), its Special Procedures, the Advisory Committee or the Council member States via resolutions and the Universal Periodic Review work toward a more comprehensive substantive evaluation and definition of digitalization’s impact, beyond the specific approaches taken so far in some high-visibility areas such as the rights to privacy or to freedom of expression?

Registration deadline is October 14, 2022. Click here, for more information. 


The Universal Periodic Review and the UN Human Rights System: Raising the Bar on Accountability 

14-18 November, 2022

The emergence of the United Nations (UN) Universal Periodic Review (UPR) has brought new life into the measures taken at the international and national levels to hold states accountable to their international human rights and humanitarian law obligations.

This training course – co-organized with UPR-Info – will explore the origin and evolution of the UPR and its functioning in Geneva. It will largely focus on the nature of implementation of the UPR recommendations at the national level. Using examples (including anecdotes from the experience of the lecturers) of different stages of implementation the course will provide hands-on exercises to demonstrate the new pathways the UPR is evolving for the realization of human rights.

Click here, for more information.


Human Rights Department, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland


The 14th Symposium Human Rights and a Just Society

15-17, October 2022

This year’s program, will focus on the human rights issues triggered by the war in Ukraine. We will examine the geopolitical and historical relationship between Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other countries, as well as the challenges of the enormous exodus of from the Ukraine, war crimes and possible pathways of accountability, and finally, the good and bad scenarios of political and social future of Ukraine. Our speakers include academics, political leaders, journalists, humanitarian aid workers, a Human Rights Watch researcher and actual refugees who will share their stories.

Read more, here. 

Call for Applications

Human Rights in the Modern Organisation and Society

Deadline: 4 November, 2022

Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo mesto (Slovenia) in collaboration with Faculty of Law and Administration, Nicolaus Copernicus University (Poland) Cardet, Cyprus, UCLL University of Applied Science (Belgium) and Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto (Slovenia) invite you to the online international scientific conference “Human Rights in the Modern Organisation and Society” which will be held on 30 November 2022. Panel topics of the conference:
I. Human rights in modern organization, II. Diversity and inclusivity leadership, III. Active ageing, IV. From restrictions on the freedom of speech and free media to „digital dictatorship”, V. Democracy in crisis and a crisis of democracy, VI. Reflections on human rights, discrimination and socio-political climate, VII. Human rights and artificial intelligence, VIII. Women rights in decline, IX. Vulnerability and human rights.


Reminders: AHRI Members' Events and Calls
  • Call for Survey: New FRA survey to capture the experiences of people fleeing the war in Ukraine

New FRA survey to capture the experiences of people fleeing the war in Ukraine

Call for Survey Response

Experiences and Views of Ukrainian Refugees

“As war in Ukraine continues, EU countries are welcoming and supporting unprecedented numbers of people seeking safety in the EU,” says FRA Director Michael O’Flaherty. “This poses a wide variety of fundamental rights challenges now and potentially later. With this survey, FRA seeks to assist the EU and affected countries to find sustainable solutions that will benefit host countries and the people who fled this tragic war.”

The online survey will capture the experiences and views of all adults and their children who left Ukraine to come to the EU to escape the war. The questions cover issues related to work, education, housing and healthcare. The survey also includes questions about language learning, integration, as well as experiences of discrimination and racism.

The survey runs in Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain. It closes in September.

People fleeing from the war in Ukraine can fill in the survey in EnglishUkrainian or Russian.

The survey is part of a range of FRA activities looking into the war’s fundamental rights implications in the EU.

Read the full call, here

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