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AHRI currently consists of 80 member institutions. Please visit their home pages for information about their institutional activities

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The AHRI conference is where member institutions gather to coordinate and plan their research through working group seminars and to discuss current issues in defined research areas.

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The Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI), is a network of over 80 (and growing) member institutes that carries out research and educational activities in the field of human rights. The member institutes are from over 30 different countries spanning all continents. AHRI’s objective is to bring together human rights researchers from across the disciplines, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and collaboration, and to promote research, education and discussion in the field of human rights. AHRI is supportive of PhD researchers and the facilitation of exchange between the different member institutes.

A selection of recent books published by members of the AHRI network can be found by following the link below. 


AHRI 2023

AHRI 2023, Human Rights Defenders Under Siege, was a success. Check out the conference page for more by using the link below. 

Bilbao AHRI 2023



AHRI partners with the Graphix Project

The mission of the Graphix Project (GP) is to collaborate to develop open sourced, multi-lingual human rights education materials available free to activists and partners world-wide in 2023. GP is developing an interactive online platform and a graphic history of human rights book.

The GP invites AHRI member institutes and affiliated researchers to:

  •    Act as project advisors, informing final project design and implementation

  • Contribute to data gathering over the next 6 months, as interviewers or interviewee. 

  • Work with the GP team to explore scope for the project outputs (including interactive online platform) to be integrated in their educational curricula

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and visit the website to stay up to date with more information about the Graphix Project. Further information will also be shared with member institutes by the Secretariat. 

To learn more about the Graphix Project, click the link below.

Latest News

  • Call for Papers: Conceptualising vulnerability in a time of human rights regression.
    On 13 and 14 November 2023, the University of Padova is holding its annual human rights conference. This year, the programme revolves around the multidimensional concept of ontological and situational “vulnerability” with specific regards to the enhanced challenges brought by the ongoing period of human rights regression. A call for papers is open to researchers, Ph.d students and practitioners engaged in this field. Deadline for submissions: 30 September. All information about the Conference and the call for papers are available and periodically updated at this link
  • The Padova Model UPR is an academic simulation of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) organised by an international team of students and former delegates, with the guidance of academics at the Human Rights Center “Antonio Papisca”, and the MA Degree Programme in Human Rights and Multi-level Governance (HRG) at the University of Padova. We are accepting applications for this year’s Padova Model UPR from June 1, 2023 until September and October. The two deadlines for the application are as follows:

    • September 15, 2023 for students attending NON-Italian universities;
    • October 6, 2023 for students attending Italian universities

    Find out more , here 

  • The Human Rights and Journalism Short Course will run in four 4.5 -hour modules on 4, 5, 11 and 12 September 2023. Taught by Steve Crawshaw, an experienced former foreign correspondent, author and senior human rights advocate, this online course seeks to explore the intersection of journalism and human rights.
  • The Essex Human Rights Centre presents a week-long practical development course, covering a range of topics related to the field of humanitarian aid, UN and diplomatic work. Taught by Human Rights Centre Fellow and leading practitioner in the field, Dr Conor Foley, the programme runs over five days and consists of a mixture of lectures, interactive exercises, skills and scenario-based activities, equipping participants with a realistic grounding in the challenges they are likely to face in the field.

    31 July to 4 August : Colchester Campus

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