Membership application guidelines

AHRI Membership Application Guidelines

Membership of the Association is “open to human rights institutes and comparable entities on the condition that they have a demonstrably independent and academic status and can subscribe to all provisions of this constitution” (AHRI Constitution Article 9).

The application for membership should contain the following information:

  • Date at which the institute was established
  • Academic status (university/independent research institution/working group)
  • An explanation of the institution’s governance structure, the name of the representative to AHRI and the administrative contact
  • Short description of the research on human rights carried out at the institution
  • Motivation for applying for AHRI membership
  • A  statement on how the institute envisions contributing to the development and strengthening of the AHRI network

The annual AHRI membership fee is 150 EUR.

The application should be supported in writing by at least one existing AHRI member.

The application together with the Letter of Support by (an) existing AHRI member(s) should be submitted to the AHRI Secretariat at least two months before the Assembly meeting takes place in the given year.

Applications will be forwarded to the Executive Committee, who will request further information from the applicant if needed.

Admission will be decided upon by the AHRI Assembly on the basis of a two-third majority of Members present. The Assembly meeting takes place once a year, normally in September. The date of the annual Assembly will be posted on the AHRI website. The membership application deadline for 2019 is 31 May 2019.

For further inquiries please consult AHRI Executive Secretary Elaine Webster. The application together with the support letter should also be sent electronically to Elaine Webster.