#AHRI2021 – Human Rights Strategies

Maastricht Centre for Human Rights, Maastricht University, Faculty of Law, will host AHRI 2021 on 27-28 August 2021.

While there is great diversity among the members of the Maastricht Centre for Human Rights as regards nationalities and cultural and scientific backgrounds, there is a common interest to take a multifaceted approach to topical human rights issues.

One of the current issues is the exposure of human rights abuses by using – among other strategies – social media and ICT-developments (naming & shaming). Undoubtedly it is a positive development when ‘Walls of Silence’ are broken down and abusers are exposed. The other side of the coin is, however, that it has paved the way for spreading rumours on serious misconduct – regardless whether they are related to sexual misbehaviour or any other human rights violation – which are swiftly disseminated on the Internet and via social media without being backed-up by thorough investigation. 

The theme of the conference opens up the possibility to study and discuss all kinds of strategies that are being deployed by a plethora of actors who wish to further the cause of human rights. This topic is not only interesting from a human rights perspective (both from the point of view of victims and alleged perpetrators), but it is also a thought-provoking issue for criminologists, sociologists, anthropologists, and political scientists.

The conference aims at discussing the practice of human rights strategies from different angles and disciplines. Attention will be paid to the different dimensions it plays in discussions about alleged violations and abuses of human rights by a variety of actors while focusing on the question what role academics in the broad field of human rights research can and must play to preserve the delicate balance.

The Call for Papers will be announced here and via Twitter later this year.