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Newcastle Forum for Human Rights & Social Justice, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Conference Announcement

Protecting Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflict and Situations of Forcible Displacement: An (Emerging) Human Right?

Conference Date: 1 & 2 March 2019

The conference will start in the afternoon on Friday 1 March at 5pm (with end time at 8pm) and will continue on Saturday 2 March (8:30am-6pm).

Following the opening of the conference and the first panel of speakers we will launch an art exhibition entitled  Parallel Republic at the Hatton Gallery (Newcastle University Campus).

Conference Venue: The Boiler House, Newcastle University Campus, Newcastle University

The conference will explore the concept of cultural heritage and how this is protected in situations of armed conflict and forcible displacement from a socio-legal perspective. It will provide a platform for inquiry and debate on the significance of cultural heritage for individuals and the ramifications that armed conflict and forcible displacement have on their ties with home, language and cultural identity. Importantly, the conference will consider whether the protection of cultural heritage has evolved as an individual human right as well as how cultural heritage can advance the protection of fundamental human rights more broadly, especially in the situations under consideration.

This conference will be of interest to a wide range of stakeholders including academic researchers, concerned communities, non-governmental organizations, practitioners, policy makers, and students. Registration must be completed by the 24th of February 2019 on First come-First serve basis. To register please see the online registration form.

Please note: To register for the conference you will need to complete the online registration form which can be found on the conference webpage:

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