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We’re pleased to announce that the AHRI 2024 conference will take place at @lunduniversity. Thank you for hosting! https://t.co/VpLD5s84TL AHRI_Network photo
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Open Calls

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, the EU’s independent body specifically tasked to deal with fundamental rights, is currently looking for new members of its Scientific Committee. The call for the expression of interest is available in the EU Official Journal. In accordance with Article 14, paragraph 5 of the Council Regulation (EC) 168/2007 of 15 February 2007, amended by the Council Regulation (EU) 2022/555 of 5 April 2022, the Scientific Committee shall be the guarantor of the scientific quality of the Agency’s work, guiding the work to that effect. The members of the Committee shall be experts in one or more of the disciplines related to or relevant for human rights, inter alia: Social sciences Law Political sciences Statistics The term of office of the new members will start on 04.06.2023 and end on 03.06.2028.

University of Padua, Antonio Papisca, Human Rights Center Call for Papers Deadline: September 30, 2022 This Conference aims to gather scholars and doctoral students from different disciplinary perspectives, experts and practitioners at all levels of governance to exchange their perspectives and critical views on two main issues. First, how the consequences of the war in Ukraine and of the other ongoing armed conflicts are affecting the enjoyment of human security worldwide. Second, how human security is being conceived and pursued in current international affairs, also in consideration of the ambitious goals set forth in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and in the 2021 ‘Our Common Agenda’ presented by the UN Secretary-general.

Centre for Human Rights, Ghent University Call for Application Deadline: May 2, 2022 Summer School ‘Human Rights & Persons Deprived of Liberty’ The Programme for Studies on Human Rights in Context, Human Rights Centre, Ghent University, and the Global Campus on Human Rights are pleased to invite highly motivated undergraduate students that are achieving their degrees in law, political sciences, public health, criminology, or postgraduate students (masters, LLM, PhD or postdoc) as well as staff of civil society organisations and policymakers to the 1st edition of the Summer School ‘Human Rights & Persons Deprived of Liberty'. This summer course will be held on the Zoom platform from the 5th to the 8th of July 2022. Curated by Prof Dr Clara Burbano-Herrera (Ghent University) and Prof Dr Manfred Nowak (University of Vienna), this course is a great opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the structural problems around prisons through the lens of international human rights law, public health, criminal law, and practice. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with world-leading academics from Europe, Africa and North & South America working in this field, gaining awareness of complex issues related to the human rights of persons deprived of liberty. Applications are open until Monday 2 May 2022. Apply now: Summer School on line application platform More details: Download the Summer School Program


AHRI has released a statement concerning the Russian invasion of the soverign nation of Ukraine. You can read the full statement here, with more translations coming soon.

Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York, UK News The Role of Art in Keeping Civic Space Open The HRD Hub at the Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York, recently published the first paper in a new series of working papers based on conversations that have taken place between artists, activists and academics as part of the Arctivism project. These conversations aim to explore in more detail the creative practices of collaborations between artists and activists and to better understand the role of art in activism. The paper is based on the first conversation in the series – The Role of Art in Keeping Civic Space Open – which considered how artists and activists in South Africa, Uganda and the Philippines reacted to restrictions imposed during the pandemic and pushed back against closing civic and political spaces.

Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom New report on Financing AND Genocide: Development Finance and the Crisis in the Uyghur Region The Forced Labor Lab at Sheffield Hallam University's Helena Kennedy Centre, in partnership with the non-profit research organization NomoGaia, produced a new report on Financing & Genocide: Development Finance and the Crisis in the Uyghur Region, The report, authored by Professor Laura Murphy, Nyrola Elimä and Kendyl Salcito, was published by the Atlantic Council. The report reflects the findings of 18 months of investigation into the International Finance Corporation's (IFC) investments in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The report focuses on four companies operating in the region that together have received nearly half a billion dollars in financing from the IFC and are active participants in coercive state-sponsored labor and land transfer programs. The findings of the report reveal that the companies are at very high risk of violating numerous of IFC's own Performance Standards, including many related to labor standards and environmental hazards, but they are nonetheless still clients. Taxpayer revenue funds these projects through the IFC, and so there is reason for all of us to be concerned.

Danish Institute for Human Rights. Summary of session on: “National Human Rights Institutions as digital rights watchdog” The session looked at how the NHRI mandate areas are challenged by technology and what opportunities technology provides in fulfilling these with a view to establishing an alliance of NHRIs who wants to increase their engagement with the digital rights agenda. The participants also explored the particular role that NHRIs can play in each of the NHRI mandate areas, such as complaints-handling, monitoring & reporting, awareness-raising and advice to the government. Read the full report here.

Past Opportunities

Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice, Sheffield Hallam University 

Helena Kennedy Centre Sanctuary Scholarship

Sheffield Hallam University offers three Sanctuary Scholarships per academic year to support talented students who have sought asylum in the UK. One of them is the Helena Kennedy Centre Sanctuary Scholarship for MA or LLM Applied Human Rights course. 

Deadline: 19 April 2022, 23:55

Read more here.